The Pogo Connect: A Stylus that Morphs Your iPad into a Wacom Tablet


Only several months ago, tech fans got a sneak peek at Ten One Design’s cool new pressure-sensing touchscreen stylus.

The product was at first referred to as “Blue Tiger,” but subsequently it was compared to Ten One Design’s first attempt at inventing a pen, which was called Pogo. Pogo was the company’s first attempt at developing a pen. In contrast to Pogo, which was regarded as “something modern people would use,” the Blue Tiger was referred to as “something cavemen might have used on stone tablets.” Once you have everything set up, you can start using your iPad as a Wacom Tablet. The website provides step-by-step instructions and tips to help you get the most out of your new setup. You’ll be amazed at how easy and intuitive it is to use

What Artists Want

It’s no secret that artists have voiced their inclination towards working with a stylus when it comes to scrawling on a tablet; it feels more like a paintbrush or a pencil than any other option like, say, your finger. For this reason, Wacom’s hardware stirred a buzz within the creative community – and even set up a challenge for the iPad which had been seriously lacking in the creative department. That is to say, drawing, sketching, and painting software has been scant when it comes to painting software – and that it lacked a stylus was a big no-no indeed.

It would appear that the Blue Tiger has come. Because it makes use of a connection that does not require a lot of power from the Bluetooth 4.0 radio in the device, the stylus is able to connect to an iOS device without requiring an extremely powerful battery. In addition, so long as the Tiger is supported by an application, it is able to precisely communicate information about how hard you are pressing, giving artists the ability to create lines in whatever thickness they deem appropriate. Visit this website to get detailed information about Mobile Applications.

What Artists Get

Flash-forward to now; and the stylus’ name has changed from Blue Tiger to the Pogo Connect (and that’s official). Better yet, the “pen” has a few added perks now, and it should be available to artists and free doodlers alike by the beginning of October.

The Pogo Connect is a fabulous utensil, and we owe it all two a new technology that Ten One Design calls “Crescendo Sensor”. The technology allows the Pogo Connect to be the first iPad stylus that can detect hundreds of degrees of pressure. The result is that an artist can release his inner Van Gogh in a fashion that feels as close as one can get in the digital world to using artistic tools in the real “real” world.

Since that pressure information, as mentioned previously, is detected via apps and the stylus communicates to an iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0, it is only compatible with the latest generation iPad and iPhone 4S. But hey – we gotta start somewhere, yes? On the brighter side: Ten One Design has vowed to launch about 12 different compatible apps at launch time in October – with even more apps on the horizon.

How Pogo Compares

The Pogo Connect is not as sophisticated or advanced as Wacom’s drawing tablets, but anything Apple has the potential to surpass just about anything on the market, and the Pogo is no exception.

I predict Pogo will blaze the trail for some pretty fantastic iPad masterpieces. 

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