3 Tips to Find the Right Mover

3 Tips to Find the Right Mover

There’s something romantic about the notion of picking up and relocating across the state or country. Of course, when factoring in the family, cost and logistics, it is often quite a headache. That’s why solid pre-planning is key. It can also be helpful to try out new solutions, such as renting a moving container from Smart Box Storage. Choosing the right moving company is crucial as well. But how does one know whether or not the moving company in questions is truly reputable? Here is a quick checklist to help ensure anyone with moving needs finds the right person for the job. You can learn about the home appliances that are must for your house, on this website: www.betterhomeguide.com

 Get a referral

 Hiring a mover is no different than hiring a mechanic, accountant or even a wedding planner. The prudent thing is to get recommendations beforehand. That means asking friends, co-workers and acquaintances about which particular services have worked for them in the past. It’s a good idea to adhere to certain criteria as well, such as focusing on movers with locations close to home, and getting specific estimates based on exactly how much needs to be moved. This likely means the company in question will need to see the home beforehand, but it’s the best way to ensure an accurate price quote.

 Also, skip the middleman and avoid third-party websites that offer to put people in touch with movers. There’s no reason anyone can’t find a mover on his or her own, and these sites often cover up a lot of scams and hidden fees.

 Vet the movers

 The good news is that vetting a potential mover’s reputation is easy in the online age. After compiling a list of potential movers, it’s ideal to then check out their reputations on the Internet. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find customer-review lists of bigger moving companies (but don’t always be swayed by the popularity of big-name companies; they aren’t always best), which can be useful. Also, running the company or group through the Better Business Bureau is a good way to turn up whether they have a spotty track record or not. Online consumer advocacy site Moving Scam is another invaluable resource that serves to blow the lid off dubious moving companies.

 Cap the estimate

 This is particularly important for those folks moving out of state, as many movers will tack on additional fees after the fact. The way to mitigate this is to request a binding estimate or a “not to exceed” estimate. The latter is a much better option, as companies binding estimates can be revised for the moving company. A “not to exceed” estimate is binding as well, but it can’t be altered, regardless of moving weight or tariffs. That means the mover pays the estimated figure and nothing more.

 In the end, those looking to move should have narrowed down their list to three or four options. From there, it’s all about using the knowledge and gut instinct to decide on which of these organizations is best equipped to help with the big move.