5 Tips to Purchase the Right Carpet for Your House

Purchase the Right Carpet for Your House

Carpets can make simple rooms look stylish and luxurious. Not only do carpets feel good to walk on, but also give your house a relaxed and flexible environment. This is why almost every house has a few carpeted rooms where the family can relax and enjoy a good time together. You can learn about the trending carpets colors and textures, on this website: www.green-house-shion.com

However, finding the right type of carpet is often a tricky subject, especially if you’ve not purchased carpets before. Carpets come in different types of fibers and various types of bases that are meant to be used in different conditions. The quality of the raw material also has a major impact on the end use and the eventual price of a carpet.

Therefore, being aware of the basic facts about carpets is very important in order to avoid any undesirable purchases. This will not only save you from spending your hard earned money on the wrong type of carpets, but also help you understand exactly what to look for while making a carpet purchase.

Here are 5 tips to help you find the right carpet for your house.

1. Keep the End Use in Mind

Before purchasing a carpet, be clear about its end use. Know exactly where you want to use the carpet and the type of conditions it will be exposed to. For example, the type of carpet for your living room would be very different from the carpets needed in your drawing room. Similarly, rooms that are adjacent to the outside door are usually exposed to more dust and pollution. Therefore you would not want to use a very thick carpet for such rooms. There are various types of carpets that can be categorized on the basis of their raw material and end usage. Woolen carpets for example, are the most expensive and durable type of carpets that are normally used in bedrooms. Nylon carpets, on the other hand, are perfect for the rooms where foot traffic is high. Polyester and many other types of carpets are also available and should be selected keeping the end use in mind.

2. Check Stain Resistance

One of the most common problems for domestic carpet users is keeping their carpets clean from stains. This problem is further magnified because not every type of carpet is stain resistant. Modern carpets are now being manufactured with special stain resistant finishing on them that reduces their absorption capability and helps in removing stains easily. Therefore, while you’re purchasing a brand new carpet, make sure that it has proper stain resistance as well.

3. Check the Look and Feel of the Carpet

No matter how stain resistant and durable a carpet is, if it does not feel comfortable you might not want to spend money on it. Carpets are usually purchased to provide luxury and comfort along with flexibility in use. Therefore, while purchasing a carpet, make sure it feels comfortable as well. Also keep the arrangement of your room in mind while purchasing the carpet. You would not want to use a carpet that does not match with your furniture and other parts of the room. Therefore, keeping an eye on the color and the design of the carpet should be one of your priorities while making a carpet purchase.

4. Use the Right Type of Carpet Base or Underlayment

The base or the back of the carpet is as important as its surface. In fact, if you don’t look at it closely and purchase a cheap underlayment for your carpet, you might not get the real feel of your carpet and end up wasting it in the long run. Therefore it is very important to keep this factor in mind while purchasing a new carpet. As a principle, first of all, never buy a plain foam underlayment. It almost always deteriorates within a few months and is usually a waste of money. Make sure that the underlayment that you buy is significantly thicker than your carpet and has enough strength to hold itself together even when put under frequent foot traffic and pressure.

5. Pay the Right Price

This point might seem obvious, but it is probably the trickiest part in purchasing a brand new carpet. People usually believe that price is directly proportional to the quality of the carpet. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Many carpets that feel extremely comfortable and look very stylish are made using poor quality raw material from the inside. As a result, the carpet deteriorates quite quickly and usually leaves the owner surprised. Many manufacturers are also charging extremely high rates for carpets with attractive designs but low durability and stain resistance. Therefore, check the carpet thoroughly before making the purchase and make sure that your money is not wasted on a low quality carpet.