Choosing the Right Garden Set For 2013

Choosing the Right Garden Set For 2013

Summer see’s all of us running towards the garden to catch those precious sun rays. Even those with limited space such as a balcony want to make the best of the space we have, this includes those that live in flats and have balconies.

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For those with a garden, summer is a time of planting flower beds, pruning, mowing the lawn and making your garden stand out against your neighbours.

Lots of people buy new garden furniture and this year will be no exception. As soon as the sun arrives hordes of people go to various establishments looking for their ideal garden furniture. There is hundreds of different styles, makes and models made for all different types of gardens and budgets.

Family & Cost Saving Furniture

For many families cost is an issue, there are some cheap garden sets out there which will seat a family of four and keep them comfortable during those warm summer months in the garden. Sets of plastic tables, chairs and parasols are a good investment if cost is an issue. However you need to bear in mind that these are cheap and the quality will not be as of the same standard as a more expensive one.

If money is not an option there are some fantastic garden suites available, made from various woods, wicker and cloth. This garden suite tends to have numerous chairs from upright dining chairs along with the table to matching sun loungers. Quality is of a high standard and therefore will last you and your family for many years to come.

If space is an issue or you only have a balcony there are two seater coffee table like suites, these are ideal if there are only two of you and space is limited. I myself used to live in a student apartment with a small balcony and used a small table with a couple of chairs for my guests when the sun was out and we wanted to eat lunch!


Whatever set you decide on, you need to ensure it offers value for money and quality, for instance you wouldn’t want to pay a high amount for garden furniture if perhaps you have young children and are afraid of them marking, breaking something.


The set you buy, without a doubt you will want it to be the envy of your friends, neighbours and family, there are numerous companies selling garden furniture who will want your business. My advice is to shop around. Decide on a budget and make sure the furniture you buy will compliment your garden and lifestyle, you can cut a deal with the company and ask them for a discount if you have seen ir cheaper elsewhere, this works with a lot of shops, like I said… they want your business! Happy shopping.