How to Drain Your Plumbing System

How to Drain Your Plumbing System

There are some cases when we need to drain our entire plumbing system, emptying the pipes around our home. There are a good deal of reasons for that, from fixing a problem with a water hammer to shutting down the property for the winter season or some emergency plumbing repair due to burst pipes or worse. When it comes to seasonal shutdowns you can do it by following a simple checklist of items before you move away for the winter. You should make sure the pipes are emptied before you get out of there as they will be at risk during the cold months. You can learn about the best way to take care of water supply system at your home, on this website:

If you have a problem with the water hammer you may need to know how to drain the entire system so you can refill its air chamber. The older type of air chambers need some maintenance once in a while, so draining the system will give you some temporary respite from the issue. You will need to repeat this at some point within the next few months or a year though. Now let’s take a look at what needs to be done to get things drained:

• Begin by shutting down the main water valve to cut the flow. This will allow you to work on the system without any issues.
• Next you will need to open all sink faucets as this will let the air inside the pipes. Begin with the ones on the upper floors if you have any, as this will open them up and allow water on they lower levels to escape once you start draining the pipes.
• Go to the lower levels of your house or apartment and open the valve or any other place that has a faucet at the lowest possible place and let gravity do its work to drain the pipes.
• Go back to the upper floors and open the tub and shower faucets, then flush all toilets to empty the water from the pipes supplying them.
• Make sure you leave all the faucets open. You should have no water through the pipes except for some possible dripping as the last of the remaining water comes out. Once that is said and done you should have all things emptied as best as possible without dismantling the entire system.

Now comes the moment when you will need to charge the pipes back with water. Follow these steps to get things back to normal:

• Close the lowest level faucet in your home, then follow that up by closing the upper level ones as well. Keeping them closed will help you recharge the air chambers in your plumbing system.
• Open the valve and let the water back in the pipes, then starting with the highest faucets you should begin opening them as well to let the air come out, giving way to the rushing waters. You can see rusty water coming out if you’re using metal pipes, so don’t worry about it.
• Open up the shower faucets as well and flush your toilets once so they can replenish the water supplies and clear their pipes.

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