Choosing a premium quality blind over a store purchased alternative

Choosing a premium quality blind over a store purchased alternative

The advance of internet technology has meant that practically anything you once had to pop into a store for can now be sourced online, and premium quality blinds are no exception. But some homeowners are naturally skeptical about the ability of online blinds retailers to deliver the goods. After all, how do you try a blind before buying it online? What happens if you don’t like your blinds when they arrive? And can buying blinds online really save you money? You can learn about various qualities of curtains that you can try for your bedroom, on this website:

Try before you buy

Just because you are unable to visit online blinds stores in the flesh, it doesn’t mean that you have to rely on luck to get the right blinds for your home. Most online retailers will be more than happy to send out samples so you can check colour, fabric, and style, etc.

These will usually be sent out free of charge. For more advice and tips on optimizing your online shopping experiences for home decor, check out

Competition that works in your favour

If you visit a store for your blinds, you will probably be handed a sales book while the salesperson prepares to seal the deal using their professional sales training or even ‘hard sell’ techniques. If they have no natural competitors nearby, they may try and get away with a sub-standard service in the knowledge that you are unlikely to go elsewhere.

In contrast, online blinds companies exist in a very competitive global climate and will often bend over backwards to accommodate you rather than lose your business. Some of the ways in which online companies seek to demonstrate their exceptional customer service are by offering free delivery, rapid delivery (sometimes overnight) and a no-quibble returns policy.

More variety; better prices

There is only a finite amount of stock that any shop can hold, and chances are the very piece you want to look at is either hidden right at the back of the storeroom or sold out. Blinds suppliers trading online can display their full catalogue and many websites now have clever tools to help you hone in on the specific blinds that suit your taste and preferences.

Many people have also discovered that online blinds retailers are able to offer better prices than bricks and mortar stores, even for custom sizes.

No parking, no waiting…just shopping

Of course, one of the most appealing aspects of shopping online for quality blinds is convenience. When visiting a store you normally have to drive there and find a parking space (or take public transport). Once inside, it might take a while to get the assistance you need, and then more time queuing when you do decide to make a purchase.

Shopping for premium quality blinds online can be done from the comfort of your own home or whenever you get a few minutes break from work. Once you’ve made a decision, you can quickly order at the click of a button.